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    Criminal Law

    Efficient legal support for corporate commercial activities
    and complex protection of clients in criminal proceedings

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Legal Alliance

Clients have entrusted us with their defense in complex criminal cases and corporate security issues for over 20 years

With a strong team of attorneys we provide comprehensive defense for business owners and top-managers, politicians, officials and individuals from criminal prosecution.

Deep expertise and extensive experience of legal protection and investigation activities at law enforcement agencies enables the successful defense of client interests throughout all stages of criminal proceedings.




Our clients entrust us with their most valuable resource — information. We appreciate this trust, guaranteeing complete confidentiality


Our professional and timely legal assistance allows clients to manage risks and minimize consequences


We do not allow any interference in legal work which violates the legal interests of clients and can create obstacles to their protection


Interests are protected based on the current legislation of Ukraine, the rule of law and legality

Practice leaders


Taras Bezpalyy

Taras Bezpalyy

Associated partner, attorney-at-law
Head of criminal law practice


+38 044 425 40 50

Mobile phone:
+38 067 536 40 44

Taras has been practicing law for more than 15 years. He has taken part in more than 100 searches upon which property for the amount of more than 5 million USD was returned to clients. Taras has successful acquittal sentences and criminal proceedings closed at the pre-trial stage. Mr. Bezpalyy was recognized as the Criminal Law Advocate of 2018.


  • The Bar Council of Kyiv region
  • Ukrainian Bar Association, Deputy Head of the Committee for Criminal Procedural Law
  • Ukrainian Advocates Association
  • Committee for Protecting Advocate Professional Rights and Advocate Activities Guarantees
Illya Kostin

Illia Kostin

Partner, attorney-at-law, patent attorney


+38 044 425 40 50

Mobile phone:
+38 050 360 23 26

In legal practice since 1994. Illya accompanies high-profile criminal cases in various business areas, including the IT and pharmaceutical sector, protects the interests of individuals. Mr. Kostin has been recognized as Lawyer of the Year 2019 – Life Sciences, The Best Lawyers, and also rated as one of TOP 100 best lawyers of Ukraine 2018, Client Choice, YurGazeta. In addition he has established and headed for 5 years, The Committee on Protection of Advocates' Professional Rights and was a member of the Advocate Council and Qualification Chamber of Qualification and Disciplinary Commission of the Bar of Kyiv region.


  • The Committee on Protection of Advocates' Professional Rights
  • Ukrainian Bar Association
  • Ukrainian National Bar Association
Our expertise


We provide comprehensive defense of client interests in criminal law, in particular:

  • pre-trial investigation stage;
  • during the criminal trial;
  • appealing property and account seizure, returning of temporarily seized property;
  • preparation of officials for interrogation.

We provide comprehensive protection of businesses before, during and after search:

  • preparation of employees for search;
  • development of preventive enterprise protective measures;
  • minimization of losses to a company during a search;
  • appealing acts of law enforcement agents;
  • prosecution of law enforcement agents if they commit criminal acts during search.

We provide comprehensive support to both managers and employees of a company:

  • analysis of necessity/possibility of attending the interrogation;
  • preparation to the interrogation with studying enterprise structure, job duties, links with other persons;
  • representation of witnesses during interrogation;
  • filing complaints with the corresponding institutions in the event of witness right infringement.

In order to minimize risks associated with criminal prosecution, we provide the following:

  • development of internal company policies;
  • informing managers on changes in legislation;
  • carrying out workshops on searches, interrogations and inspections.

We carry investigations of suspicious internal transactions of corporate clients, including those related to fraud and corrupt personnel actions, and provide assistance with the following:

  • organization and conducting of internal investigations;
  • development of investigation methods;
  • collection of evidence for further complaint management or personal protection;
  • exercising control over investigation process.
Practice and projects


Representation of the interests in the High Anti-Corruption Court

According to the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office (SAPO), the media holding acquired the corporate rights to the company that owns the radio station, with the purpose of money laundering. The attorneys' application for a waiver of seizure proved that the attachment was not justified and that the buying of corporate rights was lawful.

Suspicion report cancelation

Kyiv's Court of Appeal upheld the complaint of attorney Taras Bezpalyy, overturned the ruling of Pechersky District Court of Kyiv and canceled the report on suspicion against the ex-head of the Investigation Department of National Police in Kyiv region for crimes (Abuse of power or authority by a law enforcement officer).

Protection of SOE head in criminal proceedings

According to the investigation, the client was suspected of official negligence in the payment of court and enforcement fee while protecting the interests of a state-owned enterprise (SOE) in court. The position of attorneys of Legal Alliance is based on facts that completely deny the charges.

Client protection in a high-profile case

Attorneys of Legal Alliance defend the interests of a client, pediatric cardiac surgeon Yulia Kuzmenko, accused of the murder of journalist Pavlo Sheremet. Attorneys secured the release of the client from custody and filed lawsuits with the ECHR for illegal detention and unlawful detention on remand.

Uncommon case: removing bank account seizure

The criminal proceedings against a company that deals in wholesale trade of timber and construction materials have been ceased, but the bank accounts seizure has not been removed. Due to the right defense tactics, attorneys of Legal Alliance have helped in halting bank accounts seizures, and the client has been able to continue his business activities.

Seizure of 4 million EUR was relieved from the client

Pecherskyi District Court of Kyiv upon motion of Legal Alliance Company attorneys removed seizure of client’s property of a total cost 4 million EUR.

Interests of the client, deputy of Kyiv Region Council, protected

Proceedings against the client suspected in abuse of function were closed due to defense actions.

Protected interests of a client in illegal gun confiscation case

Upon consideration of complaints, the investigating judge delivered a writ on return of the seized property to its owner.

Confiscated funds in the amount of 1.2 million USD returned

Seizure challenged and funds confiscated from bank safe deposits during search under Article 212 (1, 2) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (tax evasion) returned.

Original medicines registration files returned

Due to expeditious work of advocates the court obliged pre-trial investigation body to return confiscated original case file on medicines to the trustee.

Interests of a client in a seizure case defended

The court of Appeal upheld legal position of Legal Alliance advocates. Consequently, seizure of several million client’s money was relieved.

Interests of IT company in AS unauthorized access case defended

Property of IT-company, including equipment, documentation and personal belongings of 20 employees, impounded during search, returned.


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